Bryan Valeriani

Bryan Valeriani

Following the rite of passage of drumming on boxes and kitchenware, Bryan received his first legitimate drumset at age 12. That same year, his playing in his junior high school band earned him the “Outstanding Musicianship” award. Since then, he has cultivated his talent and passion for drumming into a successful career as both an educator and performer.

An eternal student of the instrument, Bryan has devoted the majority of his life to the pursuit of his musical growth and development. In 1997, his drumming talents were recognized by the Ontario Arts Council with a grant to finance his studies at The Drummers Collective in NYC.

Bryan has had the privilege of studying privately with Joel Rosenblatt, Magella Cormier, Paul Brochu, Kenwood Dennard, Chuck Burrows, Mark Walker, Kim Plainfield and the legendary Jim Chapin.

Some of the artists he has worked with include: Kathleen Edwards, Soul Obsession, Paul Demers, Veronic DiCaire, Stone Soul Picnic, The Kathy Grant Mahone Gospel Band, Just Past Ten, Soulfinger, Junkyard Symphony and UK-based Hotrod Cadets.

Bryan maintains a busy teaching practice in the Ottawa area with a student roster of all ages and levels. He has taught for the Carleton University Bachelor of Music program and is a member of the Vic Firth Education Team. In addition, Bryan leads a weekly youth drumming group, does freelance live/studio sessions, conducts drum clinics and performs with his Latin jazz group Terminal Baggage Claim. Bryans’ current SONOR drum setup consists of a BEECH INFINITE or a VINTAGE MAPLE SHELL SQ2 kit. He uses 400 and 600 series hardware and teaches with SONOR FORCE 3007 and FORCE SELECT series kits.