Pat Steward

Pat Steward

Pat Steward burst out of clubland obscurity when he recorded the hit Summer of ‘69 with Bryan Adams and toured the rocker’s Reckless album around the world and back again to his Vancouver home. It was a wild time for the quiet, unassuming drummer whose influence range from Zeppelin, Rush, Deep Purple and the Police to jazz greats including Tony Williams. Since those times with Adams, Pat has made his mark with the musically hip and sonically astute pop-rockers The Odds, kicked out barnstorming blues and rock with Aussie singer Jimmy Barnes, and he’s shuffled his way from coast to coast across Canada with blues/swing guitarist extraordinare, Colin James. In short, Pat – who loves playing everything from jazz and reggae to pop and rock – has paid his dues, albeit in the comfortable company of some of the best in the business.

Today he’s putting the groove into the critically acclaimed songs of Matthew Good,, a chart-topping Canadian favorite. And when times are quiet he helps out a local secondary school by teaching drumming to the kids. So down-to-earth and unassuming is Pat that over twenty years after he received it, he has yet to find a place on his wall for his diamond award (1,000,000 sales in Canada) of the Reckless album. See, unassuming. But what a fine drummer.

Based on the West Coast for his whole career, Pat has kept a diverse and busy schedule for the last 25 years. In the early 80’s he put in a few years at a Vancouver Island Music institution and promptly got over to Vancouver in time to hook up With BRYAN ADAMSto complete his band lineup and the recording of “Reckless”, Adam’s worldwide breakthrough Album in 1985. Spawning One of Bryan’s biggest singles “Summer of 69” and a few album tracks put pat on the road for a year & 1/2 and on his way to his own great adventure. “Constantly trying to outdo that experience with Bryan was a bit daunting, but it kept me focused on what mattered, playing music with great players”.

1994 saw Pat hook up with longtime pals “THE ODDS” at Mushroom studios in Vancouver to help complete their 3rd CD “Good,Weird, Feeling” and ’97’s “Nest” (The Singles: “Eat My Brain”, “Truth Untold”, “Satisfied”, Someone Who’s Cool” and more). This would start up “one of my most important musical connections”. “The writing by two of Canada’s Greatest writers of 90’s POP, CRAIG NORTHEY and STEVEN DRAKE is some of the best for sure, and the playing is inventive too”.

“SHARKSKIN”, a late 60’s Soul/R&B inspired band is also made up of Northey, Pat, Odds Bassist DOUG ELLIOTTand Hammond Player,SIMON KENDALL(Doug & The Slugs). “This is definitely our passion…….to put our collected heads together and be 1968”. (cd available @ &

Bassist Doug Elliott and Pat’s 24 yrs. Of plying together keeps them busy as a team in the studio and live.

“After the ODDS Wound down in ’98, I got a call From COLIN JAMESto come and play, which has turned into 5 yrs. Of touring and various Recordings (2001’s “FUSE”.) “When I joined up with colin, he was still touring his ‘Little Big Band’ and that was like Big Band and Rhythm & Blues on the big stages”. “I had played a lot of Jazz and Big band in the 80’s, so this was a real treat to get to play this way again”. The Latest cd “Traveler” is a good combination of Funk, Soul and Pop…”And the lineup includes Elliott and Northey, so it’s too much fun”. “Colin is a real natural player and an amazing singer, so all your natural musical instincts come into play in a major way”.

MATHEW GOOD came calling in 2002 for a serving of some of the “Good Cooking” Pat Puts out to complete his plan for a new solo career. “Matt’s first solo CD ‘Avalanche'(2003) was a great realization we have a musical connection and a feel for the same kinds of things that rock.” The 2nd Solo CD, released in 2004, called ‘White Light Rock-n-Roll Review’ is an adventure into the 1960’s again, “only this time we’re having Tea with Ray Davies, Keith Moon and Quicksilver Messenger Service & Buffalo Spring Field”. Matt is another guy who is a gifted songwriter and a real solid player who makes it a real good time playing music.”

As of Jan. 2005 Pat began Working with Calgary Based Guitarist/Songwriter WIL. Wil has one CD out Called “Both Hands”. “The thing Wil decided after he made that record is the best way to play these songs live would be not to have a full band, but rather to make it sound like a full band with just a Drummer”. “This”, Pat says, “is a really different and unique playing situation for me”. “I love it because I have to either be really simple with it or it can get crazy and high energy”. “At the end of it all, it is always about trying to serve the song what it needs!”